Until this day there is no solution to replicate human tissue and organs at scale.

Transplantation medicine and plastic surgery rely on artificial materials without physiologic functionality or transplants from human and animal sources that require immunosuppression.

Cellbricks vision is a future where biofabrication of organs and human tissue is common medical practice so humans can enjoy longer and healthier lives.

2.6m patients p.a.

2.3m patients p.a.
30% of western population affected by NAFLD
420m diabetes patients
2m patients


A future where bio-fabrication of organs and human tissue is common medical practice so humans can enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Human tissue is complex -
so is the challenge to biofabricate it

The building blocks of life consist of highly specialized cells and a complex extracellular matrix…

… organized in highly structured micro-units…

… that together, perform the vital functions of a living organism.


4 conflicting
key requirements




multiple cell types
& materials


human like
extracellular matrix


large volumes
and high speed


Replicating human tissue at scale so that researchers and doctors can provide patients with better clinical treatments.

Cellbricks combines Synthetic Biology & 3D-Bioprinting to replicate human tissue


We develop our own application-tailored bioinks via synthetic biology and chemical engineering.

Tissue Engineering
We leverage world leading know-how in tissue engineering, with a track record of stereolithographic bioprinting various vital mini-organs with multiple materials and cell types.

3D Bioprinting
We invented multi- material stereolitho-graphic bioprinting and own the complete tech stack of proprietary hardware, software and process engineering.


Cellbricks’ patented* multi-material bio-printing Technology combines speed, precision and scalability

bioprinting 1

Tailor made Bioinks - the implantable ECM

bioprinting 1

Cellbricks converts a digital, high resolution model of the tissue into a stack of slices for each material to be printed.

bioprinting 1

A high resolution UV projector projects the slice image onto the surface of the print, immersed in bio-ink. The bio-ink solidifies into a thin layer of ECM with embedded cells.

bioprinting 1

The print is dipped into the next bio-ink to add a second material as specified by the corresponding slice image. More materials can be added after the same method.

bioprinting 1

In the finished print, multiple cell types and matrices are arranged in a complex 3D structure, added layer by layer.


Cellbricks is a highly interdisciplinary team

Our fast growing team is made up of 20 biotech enthusiasts, scientists, PhDs, engineers, chemists and entrepreneurs from excellent universities and top companies from all over the world. Through long-standing cooperations we work together closely with KOLs in science, medicine and pharma.


Alexander Leutner

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Simon MacKenzie

Chief Operating Officer

Joachim von Arnim

Chief Strategy Officer


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